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Hello my little babies. I am Ryanne, but by
no way a boy. I am a divorced mommy with twin boys.
I am a retired stripper and amature porn star. I was
a stripper for many years and spent a few summers in LA
and made some adult films. Maybe you have cum for me
while watching my talents. I do love to play on those poles.
One of my fave things is to have a dick in every hole at
once and for them to cover me with there joy juice.

I love to play on the phone and tell my special
callers all about my experiences. I have many talents also,
I can make you cum within two minutes with my mouth.
My tongue is a miracle worker. I can tie a cherry stem with
my tongue and just think what kind of knots I can tie
in your dick. Wouldn’t you like to put that big dick of yours
between my big tits and titty fuck me? I love fucking in any
position that you can think of, anal sex is the best.
You can grease up that rod of yours and slide it in
my ass while sucking my big tits. Makes me
wet thinking about it.

Just to let you know my sons know what
I do and I have caught them listening at my door.
They did get punished, mmmm. Call me if you want to know
how Mommy punished her naughty teenage boys. After
their punishment, I am sure they will be listening again
waiting to get caught. Oh my bad boys! Maybe we can be
real nasty and make them jerk their dicks off listening
to you make me cum.

So grab your lube, get comfy and call Mommy Ryanne
for some hot sweaty fun. I am around anytime after noon
to midnight pacific time zone.

I am into the following things, are you?
• Titty Fucking Fantasies
• Dick Sucking and Ball Licking • Spankings
• Anal Gang Bangs
• Toys • Mutual Masturbation
• Porn • Feminizing
• Role-playing • Hearing You Cum for Me



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