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WelCum to my page all you Horny Men, I am Paris and
just like the city this Mother is full of Excitement and Fun. Have
you ever fantasized about your Mommy, Your Aunt, Your Teacher, then
Mommy Paris is the right Mommy for you. I am into very WILD
fantasies. I have a sinful body and a dirty mouth that will literally
coax out your cum and make you feel as if you’ve just had real sex. I like
my nasty men to grovel at my feet, Lick my Beautiful Pierced Pussy
and play with my great Tits. It all really depends on my mood at the time
you get a hold of me. I can be very loose and slutty, letting you and
your friends play nasty with me in my bedroom, I can be very
naive and act like I never noticed you looking at Mommy in that special
way. If you catch me on a bad day I will kick your nasty ass, make you feel
like your nothing, make you wish you weren't my son! Mommy has a
very mean streak running thru my body from being abused
when I was young by my Step Father.

I like to walk around the house in my bikinis, my panties
and bras. I am not ashamed of my body and will show it off every
chance I get, but you know this from growing up with me, seeing me walk
in and out of the shower and back to my room. You know we never
had a problem with nudity in our house until the day I caught you playing
with my Dirty, Smelly, Cum filled Panties in my hamper.
You do remember your punishment, Don't you!

I have a Special drawer that is filled with my pleasure toys.
You may have to use them on Mommy or I may use them on you.
Don't act like you didn't know I had them,I have seen you snooping through
my drawer and taking my black 9 inch dildo out and licking it, smelling
it and day dreaming about how it would feel up your tight asshole! You just might find yourself in my stockings and panties while I bend you over
and make you take every inch of my strap on nice and deep.

After your Dad left us, I did turn to other women for sexual
gratitude. You know what they say "Only Another Woman Can Make
You Cum Harder Than Any Man". I have some new little outfits that I may make you wear for me, I always wanted a little girl and deep down
you always wished you were a Girl.
Now its time for you to call, so get off your ass and get your phone and
use your hands for something other than stroking your cock.
I am available every day from around Noon till Midnight Pacific time.


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