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One -- ask for Nicole

Hello boys.

I see the way you look at me when I am sunbathe in my bikini.
I see how your eyes follow me as I stroll down the freezer section in my
thin tank top (I know you see those hard nipples jutting out).
I can also see the bulge in your pants.

I know who you are and just what you want.
More importantly I know what I want and I am not afraid to take it.

I am that hot, horny, sexually insatiable bored housewife
you've dreamed of. I'm in my prime and will take you on the
fuck ride of your life. I don't just passively fuck. I'm in control of the
action, and you are the boy toy I will seduce and use to fulfill all my
depraved fantasies. This hot mommy has no taboos.

I love deep penetration and will spread my legs to take
a hammering. Or you can use my sumptous mouth as your personal
masturbation toy as I satisfy my craving for cum by sucking you dry. I'll
teach you the correct way to spread me open and savor everthing I
have to offer and how to best please me.

I also have a closet full of toys we can use on each other.
Mommy Nicole knows how to play nasty as well as nice and we can
explore our darkest fantasies together.

Obey that inner voice. Your Mommy is waiting.


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