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This mommy is mean! This mommy doesn't like anything
her naughty boy does. She knows you are a bad boy, just like them
all, and you will be treated accordingly!!!

I know what a little brat you are. I know what you
do ... I know how you sneak around and steal mommy's things,
and touch yourself with them. Mommy wants to know why all of her
pretty panties are missing. Mommy has caught you baby boy,
and she is going to teach you a lesson you soon will not forget!
You will get those panties, and you will come to mommy
when she calls you and you will do everything this mommy
tells you to do, you little sissy!

Mommy has been shopping, too, just for you!
She has bought all types of silky sissy things for this little
sissy boy of hers to wear and humiliate himself with. As a matter
of fact, if this little boy isn't careful, he might find himself
in diapers, and more, won't he? Ha!

Well, it is time for this little slut boy to be punished
for his sneaky little slutty deeds. You might just have to get
a spanking. Mommy is going to turn you inside out, my dear boy.
Ha, and you look very scared, well you should be ... your
little slut, panty boy punishment has only begun.
Kneel, MY little bitch boy!!!

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