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Hello boys, I'm Kenna, the sexy mommy you've
always wanted. Mommy wants to be very kinky with you baby,
and there's so much Mommy can help you with.

I know you like my sexy body, because I catch you
watching me all the time. I've seen the way you stare at my
tits and luscious ass when you think I'm not aware.

Don't you just love how big my tits are?
Wouldn't you love to suck on them for me? I know you
want to fuck them with your stiff cock, and let me lick the
head as it comes up to my mouth.

Come on boys, you know there's nothing
we can't do. Mommy will let you do anything you want
and Mommy will do anything too. I'm one kinky mom
and there's no taboo's here.

We can role-play, have dildo fun, cross-dress,
make you suck cock, play with toys, anything your little
heart wants ... Mommy will give it to you or take it
away from you.

So Baby Boy, call Mommy ... let's have some
fun and we won't tell anyone what Mommy does ...
I'll be waiting for you to call.


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