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Hello Gents!

I am Granny Jessie! I'm old school.
I play long, hard, and dirty. I have done it all.
Swinging for the last fifteen years has been one hell of a
wild ride. There's so many things that I can share with you.
Some of the shit that I've done would leave you breathless!
I've hosted some major parties. Those corporate dicks
are nothing but a bunch of cockwhores. Being a business
owner, all I can say is ... we sure did party hard.

My body rocks for a woman who just hit sixty.
I have a shitload of young bucks in my stable! Those boys
spread it around that I'm the best MILF, hands down.
Those studs have banged this cunt, lined up, and cum back
for thirds. I wore out, all ten of those little bastards.
Those stupid little ass kissers, will do anything to keep
their jobs. I piss on their face. They beg to eat
my shit. Desperate fuckers, do it in the
name of job security.

My sexual appetite is on overdrive.
I love to be the tough old bitch that will take a
strap to your ass. Then, slide in my strap-on to fuck your
virgin man cunt until you're crying out my name.
Begging for mercy.

Domination, is my true natural behaviour.
Although, I can be a wicked switch. Whatever makes
your cock hard. I love to swing with men, and women.
I am up for anything. Whatever your kink, or fetish.
Bring it on. I'm game. Give me a call, to bust
that nut. 1-877-523-0069!


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